Vedic Math

BASIX-VEDICAS brings Vedic Mathematics  close to your children.
We provide Vedic Math Classes during  week days, Saturdays and Sundays also.

What is Vedic Mathematics?
It is a collection of Techniques to solve mathematical arithmetics in easy and faster way.

What does Mathematics cover?
Vedic Math can be used for problems involved in arithmetic, algebra, geometry.

How did Vedic Mathematics originate?
Vedic Mathematics is a system of mathematics which was discovered by Indian scholar Jagadguru Shri Bharathi Krishna Tirthaji (Sankaracharya of Govardhana Mutt,Puri, Orissa, India) in the period between A.D. 1911 and 1918

Who can learn Vedic Mathematics?
Any one from 2nd standard onwards.

How will Vedic Mathematics benefit the children?

  • Speed mental maths
  • Logical thinking
  • Decision making
  • Out of box strategies
  • Creativity
  • Time management
  • Integration of left & right brain activities

How is BASIX-VEDICAS  unique?
1)The design, methodology, content and approach is from experience of more than a decade in teaching and practicing Vedic maths, Abacus and Speed math to children as well as adults in various formats by Ms Anuradha Jeyachander." Filled with simplicity and ease that anyone can play with numbers.

2) The design, editing and proof reading carried out effectively by Sakunthala by going through the program herself and applying the same as a pilot study at her center.

3) BASIX- Center for Human Excellence is a pioneer in Abacus education, Vedic maths and Speed math with 6 international champions blossoming.

Vedic Mathematics Work Books

Where are the classes held?
Classes are held at
Equi Brain Kidz,
#34, 1st Main, BEL 1st Layout,

How to register for the Vedic Mathematics classes?
You  can visit our center and/or contact us at
98453 44806 - Equi Brain Kidz, Vidyaranyapura
98864 20936 - BASIX,  Malleswaram.