Thursday, June 26, 2014

Drawing Competition Event Photos

Photos of the Event held in June

Drawing Competition Open to All Children

Training to Parents on the Art of Parenting

Parenting is  pleasurable  as well as  challenging act..     Life  becomes  easy if  we know how to face the challenges of the parenting.   Not just the  parents,  even the  children get  benefited a lot  if  parents equip themselves  earlier itself

Reading  books,  discussing with  elders and  other parents are  few of the  ways to address the challenges.  

For reading books,  we  need to search through  various books and  look what is suitable and spend time to read that.   If we have the  passion and  patience, this is  also  useful.

Discussion with  others  has  its  own  advantages and  disadvantages since  each concern is  unique and the other person may not  have the right  solution for  you.

How nice it will be  to  listen to  someone who  has  read  many book on this  such  subject and  who has  given  counselling to many children on their  development  and  behavioral  concerns and also counselled  the parents on how to support the children?

EQUI BRAIN  KIDZ  had the  privilege to arrange a  training on "Art of Parenting"  from  C J Jeyachander   who is an MBA, Counsellor,  Psychotherapist and Co-Founder of EQUI BRAIN KIDZ.

This was  a 3 hour  training held at our  school  premises in the month of  April and was open to all parents of any age group.

EQUI BRAIN  KIDZ plans to conduct  many such  trainings  regularly,  please  free to  call our school for  details and registrations